Hi, I'm Katie! I am a wife to my loving husband Matt and a mother to 3 beautiful girls; Randal Jean, Tilley, and Clara Jo. I have a relentless desire to capture the lives of my children. All too quickly after my oldest was born I realized she was changing EVERY day and was growing up way to FAST!!!! That is when my interest in photography became an absolute obsesssion, and believe me it could be called an obsession. I have been known to take close to 100 pictures of her just eating dinner, albeit while making the cutest mess you've ever seen eating spaghetti :) But still, 100 pictures eating spaghetti?!?! Yes, like I said it is an obsession. I am constantly thinking of how I am going to capture her in this moment and how I will capture who she is as a child so that when she is no longer my little baby I can look back and have those images of her stuffing handfuls of spaghetti in her face, laughing as she runs in to the ocean for the first time, or as she steadily stacks up canned goods that she has pulled from the pantry. These are the moments of her childhood, of my life, and until someone figures out a way to slow the hands of time you will most likely find me with a camera strap around my neck :)

As this obession for capturing my daughter's life has deepened a desire to capture the life of those around me has emerged. I love getting to meet families and hear about how they connect and what makes them unique. And it is with the greatest pleasure that I work to capture the fleeting moments of childhood or the unique bonds and connection that make up a family.