I am a custom lifestyle photographer shooting my sessions on location using natural light. My focus is on capturing children and families. I go in to every session with the goal of capturing the essence of the person or the depth of the relationship of those that I am photographing. In order to capture your family as they are I combine elements of traditional potraiture and photojournalism.

Photographs from a session will vary from traditional portrait photos to true lifestyle photos that capture you or your family just being yourselves interacting and having fun.

It is my ultimate goal that when you view the images captured during your photo session that you see them as more than just images rather as captured moments of your life. I don't want you to simply look at the images and remember what your daughter looked like when she was three I want you to see that picture of her chasing after bubbles and be able to recall her high pitched laughter as the bubbles escaped her fingertips and floated in to the sky.