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2014 Project 365 Recap!
Thursday, January 01, 2015
By Katie
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Yesterday I wrapped another iphone 365 project that I posted daily to on Instagram using #365daysoftheborkfamily .  As much as it can be a pain to take a picture I am so glad to have made it through another year successfully documenting each day in my family's life and I plan to do it again in 2015!!!  If you would like to follow along find me on Instagram @ktborkphoto

Last year when I re-capped I mentioned some of my worries about being a photographer yet doing an iphone 365 project and also some tips of which I think are all still valid so I wont list them out again, but you can check out last year's post by clicking here.

The biggest change to my 365 project in 2014 was that I only did one picture for our family versus a picture for each child as we went in to 2014 with THREE kids and I knew there was no way I could handle that!  Additionally, I am now using an app called VSCO cam to edit the majority of my pictures.

I loved going back through all of my iphone pictures from 2014 to put together this post for you all.  I selected my favorite image for each month (selected because of the memory or moment certainly not photographic perfection ha!) and then a collage of some other favorites by month to share.

Before we get to my monthly favorites here is my favorite iphone pic of my girls from 2014....technically not the best photo but gosh how I loved being able to quickly capture this true moment of happiness and giggles with my girls by simply pulling out my phone :)