Happy Halloween 2017!!!
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
By Katie Bork Photography
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Happy Halloween!!!!  I LOVE Halloween and I'm so glad my kids (and husband!) obliged me for another year and did a family costume!  We chose a Peter Pan theme this year complete with Peter Pan, Tiger Lily, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, Wendy, and Rufio (the infamous lost boy from the movie Hook). I wish I could take credit for the girls' costumes; however, I can only claim to have searched for these costumes on the internet ;)  Peter Pan, Hook, and Tinkerbell were all bought via etsy shops (linked below).  Tiger Lily is a dress from the Children's Place (no longer available) that the girls' Auntie Carlie customized and embellished to transform it in to the perfect Tiger Lily costume (Thanks Auntie Carlie!). I found my vintage blue dress via a yard sale page on facebook for $15 (SCORE!) and Matt pulled his costume together bit by bit and spent the most time out of any of use customizing his costume!

Costumes on Etsy:

Peter Pan

Captain Hook


As in years past we did a few photos beforehand so we can enjoy the evening with our friends, family, and neighbors without worrying about photos too much!  I hope you all enjoy our 2017 family costume!


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